Welcome message from your trainer & course creator

Congratulations for saying YES to you!

This 4-week program will help you to lay lifelong foundations for building resilience and coping better with difficult and unpleasant emotions.

It will give you a taste of some of the key strategies in becoming more emotionally resilient and set you up for some small wins along with way to build your knowledge, self-care toolkit, and confidence.

As you develop your self-awareness throughout the course you may realise you need to go deeper and learn more. You will have opportunities to do so as this really is just the beginning. These are the important initial steps - but they are not the entire process of full emotional mastery. This of this as Level 1 of Level 3 :)

It's better to start with the basics and foundation principles so that you can see exactly where you are and what you need to focus on in order to move forward. This way none of your efforts are wasted.